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Yes Ladies, It’s True: David Cook Confirms He Has A Girlfriend

During an interview with Tampa’s, 94.9 Magic radio station David was asked if there was a significant other in his life and he said, "There is, yeah. She’s awesome…". He didn’t volunteer any other information, liker her name or how long they have been dating. However, the fact that the usually very private David is admitting to the media that he has a girlfriend may actually be a sign that it is a serious relationship. Although, in the beginning of the interview he did mention that his guitar player, Andy Skib was getting married in a few weeks and joked that he’s, "not getting married in a few weeks". He also revealed that he’s finally made the move from Los Angeles, California to Nashville, Tennessee and is currently writing for his fourth studio album.

David will headline the Irish 31 Summerfest in Tampa, Florida on September 8th at 9:30 pm.

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